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TitleBusan Korea on travel2023-04-13 16:58

Ms. Anna


Thanks for the immediate response to my request. My wife hurt her back while we were  in Busan Korea on travel. I called  HANS Travel, Mr. David Han, (HE ANSWERED ) the phone !  I only later found out  later during  conversation that he was one of the owners. He could  have easily  transferred me to one of his employees but he didn’t.  Bottom Line Up Front! He took the call and assist me personally. This  (HIS) effort that has been  lost  and  missed by customers speaks volumes of their company and their mission to bring in new customers  but Retain them as well. This is  NOT the case at HANS TRAVEL!


Well DONE!

Thank you Mr. Han.


Please feel free to publish my comments.


Mr. Larry Phillips

-Busan Korea on travel2023-04-13
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