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TitleChristian Pilgrimage Cruise 2010-05-07 10:20:18
Dear Mr. Han,
President of the Hans Travel

I am happy to report to you that my wife and I have safely returned from the recent Christian Pilgrimage Cruise. It was indeed a life time experience for both of us, and we thank you and the Hans Travel for organizing and executing the trip so successfully for all of us from the Washington, DC area. And I would like to express our special appreciation to you for the extra care and consideration you and your firm provided to us while we were stranded in Istanbul. Because of your strenuous efforts and close support that ran far beyond the usual business practice, we were able to return home with a minimal delay and suffering under the given circumstances. If anyone was even slightly unhappy due to the unexpected hardship caused by the ashes that filled the sky of Europe, he or she should only blame the fickleness of the earth.

Ryan Choi, our guide and guardian, provided us with truly a selfless and dedicated service for all of us during the course of travel and, especially, when we were left with a total uncertainty in a foreign land, tired and running short of money. Ryan was completely consumed with his responsibility to take care of all of us as a group and to the welfare of each individual, and let me tell you, most of us were seniors who required close and incessant watch. I think Ryan’s outstanding work and dedication reflect great credit upon himself and your firm.

Thank you again.


Hong An