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Title2017 Alaska Trip (August 3rd ~ August 10th)2017-08-17 14:08

2017 Alaska Trip (August 3rd ~ August 10th)

It was a rocky start in the beginning; delayed departure from the Washington Dulles (IAD) airport due to a bad weather. We arrived in Seattle late and missed the all available connection flights to Anchorage, Alaska. We had to spend a night in Seattle for next available flight next day, and Hans Travel came to a rescue to book us in a`5-star hotel, Hyatt Hotel in Bellevue area in Seattle.

I have always wanted to go to Alaska to witness the vest areas of Mountain ranges and lakes, and it has exceeded my expectation. The clear air; the spectacular views of snow covered mountain peaks, enormous glaciers, countless lakes, occasional view of wild animals, salmons swimming upstream to spawn, …. It was a nature’s wonderland! It’s a must place to visit at least once in your lifetime. Alaska has preserved the natural environmental status by not allowing any industries that would harm the environment.


  1. Viewing the scenery flying to Mt. McKinley and landing on the glacier in the Denali National Park was exceptional. The flight was very smooth through the rivers, mountain glaciers, hugging the mountains, and finally landing on the packed snow on where the mountain glacier started.
  2. Panning for gold was exciting, I believe we all got some gold and small nuggets. Afterwards, we dipped in the Sulphur Hot Spring for relaxation and cold drinks.
  3. Train ride for approximately 4 hours enhanced our viewing experiences in the bus, going through the peaks and valleys, rivers…. viewing the untouched nature in a more relaxed atmosphere (a couple of drinks in the package enhanced our sprits)!
  4. We were unfortunate to experience the rough sea due to the bad weather accompanied with rain. A lot of people experienced sea sickness and was not a pretty sight. But, some of us were able to eat good salmon and steak lunch and see the wild life (Sea Lion, Sea Otters, etc.) and the gigantic glacier.



I would like to thank Hans Travel for organizing a great tour and giving us 1st class accommodation available, great food (except for one steak dinner and breakfast at the hotels, it was all Korean food (including a best tasting King Salmon)). We have experienced 3 different Korean restaurants, and we all agreed it was all great, even better than most here in Washington area.

I would like to also thank our tour leader Anna for taking good care for us; our local guide who entertained us with vast knowledge in history and humors non-stop. He is a self-claimed good-looking bachelor who is 18th descendant of the Great King Sejong, financially stable, somewhat confident middle-aged man looking for a soulmate who has a good mind, good figures, good looks with a mother who has ~$4M. This looks like a wishful thinking, but who knows…. We all can be the judges at his wedding; our bus driver, the great safe driver.