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TitleSam Oh 의 여행 후기 - 나이아가라 6박 7일 Deluxe (June 18 - June 24, 2013) 최재영 가이드2013-07-25 01:35
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The Trip to Niagara Falls and Canada                                         Sam Oh

The trip to Niagara Falls and Canada was very exciting and adventurous.

 I was able to see many new structures and wonders up close.

I went with my family and traveled with a tour group,

so there was a tour guide. Mr. Choi, the tour guide, was very professional, entertaining and knew how to relieve the whole tour group. 

In addition, the restaurants and hotels that we all ate and slept at were absolutely superb.

 I was really able to eat different foods from different cultures (although there was a lot of Korean food).

Throughout the trip, the fondest memory would be the Montmorency Falls in Quebec, Canada.

This was the most significant memory for me on this trip because I was so blissful at that moment.

Not only that, I met new friends from Korea, so it was even more enjoyable.

We all were drenched as we stood in front of the massive falls that spit water vapor on all of us.

We all stood there like we were in heaven.

Before we all had the enjoyment of the falls, we had to walk there.

On the way, we had to run through a forest area. While we were at it,

we raced each other till we gasped for air. It was so much fun.

Not only that, we also tried to touch the leaves of the trees. It was tiring, but way worth the effort.

After that, we came across a bridge that we had to cross.

The sight above the Montmorency Falls was absolutely amazing.

To add on to that, I saw a double rainbow. I guess it was just good luck!

After we crossed the bridge, there was a big bridge supporter that held the bridge in place.

All the children including myself got on it and tried to get the highest place on the pole.

Next, there was a huge open field with a bunch of trees.

By this point all the kids and me were exhausted and couldn’t muster a bit of energy.

We groggily made our way to the long wooden staircase.

The whole tour group stopped for pictures, and we had to wait too.

As we non-energetically took pictures, I noticed a specific area below at the bottom of the staircase.

To my relief, it was a front view in front of the waterfall.

I was suddenly rejuvenated to get to the bottom.

When I told the other kids, they had the same reaction I did,

so we all rushed down the huge staircase to experience the wonderful cool mist that shrouded us.

We all laughed with delight and got totally soaked, but it was so fun that we went back a second time,

just for the fun of it. Due to this experience,

this is my most favorite memory of the one week trip around Canada.

After each long night of sightseeing,

we would all unenthusiastically head toward the tour bus to go to the hotel.

All the hotels we went to were incredibly neat and comfortable.

Because of this, the kids including myself were able to gather together and hang out.

It was lots of fun, trying to wrestle each other of the beds.

When it was time to sleep, we all said our goodbyes and good nights and headed back to our own rooms.

The beds welcomed us and we all slept peacefully.

The Tour Guide  that accompanied us was very entertaining.

He told us about all the wonders of Canada and its history.

Sometimes he would turn on a movie that was fun for the kids and enjoyable for the adults.

Every movie that he turned on was always somehow related to the place we were at or heading to.

It was a very educational experience and very fun to listen.


I think the vacation to Niagara Falls and Canada was an extremely relaxing vacation and relieved the nerves.

I was able to meet many friends and see many wonders in nature.

The hotels were stress-free, and the tour guide made the vacation seem like a paradise.

I would gladly go again on the wonderful adventure that I had at the Niagara Falls and Canada vacation.